Below are some of the most common errors you might see if Scopum has trouble performing the connection check to your source or destination and how to resolve them.

Source Connection Issues

Error message: Connection timed out.

What is the problem?

Scopum could not establish a connection to your data source (e.g. your data warehouse) because the latter took too long to reply.

How can I fix it?

This error may be transient and resolve on its own. If it persists, try the following before contacting support:

Verify that the port setting entered in the Destination Settings page is correct.

Verify that Scopum's IP addresses (see below) are whitelisted.

  • For Snowflake: Check if Scopum's IP addresses are in the network policy and that this network policy is active
  • For Redshift and Postgres-RDS: Check if the Security Group and VPC Subnet associated with the database allows access from all of Scopum's IP addresses.

Scopum's ID addresses:


Target Connection Issues


Error message: Connection verification failed: The requested resource could not be found.

What is the problem?

During the connection verification, the specified Audience ID could not be found.

How can I fix it?

Double check your Audience ID. Follow this step by step guide to find your Mailchimp Audience ID.

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