Prerequisites for SnowflakePrerequisites

Steps necessary before Snowflake can be added as data source.

Prerequisites before you setting up Snowflake in Scopum

Step 1: Configure network access settings

To allow Scopum to connect to Snowflake, Scopum's IP addresses must be added to the list of allowed IPs in your Snowflake network policy. To do so, follow the steps below or ask your security or Snowflake administrator to take care of it.

  1. Create the network policy and add Scopum IP addresses (‘’,‘’) to the list of allowed IP addresses:

    CREATE NETWORK POLICY <scopum_policy>
    ALLOWED_IP_LIST = ('','','<your-current-ip-address>');

    In this example, you need to replace <scopum_policy> with a name for the policy, and <your-current-ip-address> with the current IP address of the computer you’re working on. This is required for the next step.

  2. Apply the network policy to your Snowflake account. Note Your current IP address must be included in the Allowed IP List to run this command successfully:


If you encounter an error, ensure that your current IP address is in the Allowed IP List and try again. Contact Snowflake support if errors persist.

You can read more about Snowflake's Network Security Policies here

Step 2(optional): Create separate Snowflake user for Scopum

We recommend to create a separate user in Snowflake, that is only used for the data sync within Scopum. This allows for more granular access rights.

The next step is the setup of Snowflake as your data target in Scopum.

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