Frequently Asked Questions

General Considerations

What is Scopum?

Scopum is the best way to move your data from your data-warehouse to your email service provider.

Think of all the data arriving every day to your company. If you could utilize this data to improve the targeting of your marketing campaigns, wouldn't that be a game-changer? Scopum makes this possible. In a matter of a few clicks, you will connect your data source with your email marketing provider and can start optimizing your targeted email campaigns.

What data sources does Scopum support?

Scopum integrates with major data warehouses:

  • Snowflake
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redshift

On top of that, you can also import data from your Google Sheets files.

If you don’t see the source you need, let us know. We add new data sources based on customer requests.

Which email service providers can I connect?

Scopum allows you to import data into your Mailchimp and Sendgrid account.

Data Sync

Can I sync data from multiple data warehouses to my email service provider?

Most certainly. Scopum allows the setup of multiple sync connections between data warehouses and email service providers.

Furthermore, multiple data warehouses can be connected to one single target email service provider. But be careful with that setup. If data fields of different sources map to the same field in your target, this might cause unwanted side effects.

What if the fields in your data source change?

If your data fields change, you simply need to update the mapping between your source and target data fields. Within Scopum, this can be done with a few clicks.

How often does Scopum sync your data?

Choose between daily (every 24 hours) or hourly data syncs.

I have just started the sync. Why can’t I see the data yet?

If you sync large data sets, it could take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days to complete the sync. Please reach out to us, if you don’t see any data after several days.

How long does my sync run take?

The duration of the data sync depends on the amount of your data. To speed up the data transfer, select ‘incremental’ instead of ‘full’ synchronization. This is recommended for large data sets.


Is Scopum secure?

We take security very seriously. Scopum adheres to industry-leading standards and is committed to keeping you and your data safe. Read more.

Can I get information about my sync history?

You can see details about your previous syns in the lower section of your Dashboard as well as in the History section.


How much does Scopum cost?

We charge by volume. That means you pay dependent on the amount of data rows synced (price per 10 rows). The monthly fee is calculated at the end of the month. Unused rows in your plan will not roll over into the next month. Read more.

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